The most important job…


We recently moved offices at ISR HQ and this meant that as well as responding to article edits, we had a lot of backdated mail to sort through. We often keep to a schedule to ensure that articles are given enough time to be edited, typeset and proofed for the journal and moving offices in-between this definitely threw a spanner in the works! ISR is a quarterly journal so that does give us a little bit of leeway if an article or review becomes somewhat lost in transit. The quickest, and easiest, way to be on top of this is to have a regularly-updated schedule.


The one I’ve been working with is on Google Drive, but I’m sure other software is available. The Google Drive has a number of sheets, starting with the most important – ISR Library. The title speaks for itself, as we simply log in every book that comes in for review into our ‘library’. Then, when we send it for review it goes to… wait for it… Sent For Review. Genius stuff. There’s a few more steps, but eventually the book listing will end up on Published Book Review, with the reviewer and which volume it features in as added info. We also have a sheet dedicated to our reviewers. This was really vital to check when I first started interning at ISR, as it lists up to five interests for each person. You need someone to review a book on women, famine and mental health? We’ve got a reviewer already picked out for that!

Whether you’re interning or working as an editorial assistant, it is really key to get to grips with software from Google, Microsoft office or the Apple equivalent. Being able to transfer and save these files from one format to another is an extra skill I can add to the ever growing list on my CV. These pieces of software might seem daunting at first, but they’re used to make your life – and your editor’s – easier.


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