Desperately Seeking…


I mentioned in this post that finding reviewers is as easy as scrolling down a database, but it can be tricker than you’d imagine. Sure, you’ve found J. Smith who loves books on Catholic Emancipation and Edmund Burke, so he would be perfect to review a title on 18th Century Penal Laws in Ireland, right? Wrong! Turns out J. Smith edited this edition.

If this happens – which believe it or not, it did – one way of finding a new reviewer is to look in the bibliography for the title. All cited texts will be on the same or at least a relating topic and you can simply ask the author if they’d be willing to review your title! It helps immensely if this person is already on your database, as you’ll have all the contact information you need.

ISR database entries

An example of interest taken from the ISR database

We had to do this a number of times, as sometimes it can be much quicker to find a reviewer with such a niche title. ISR has an abundance of reviewers who are all interested in James Joyce, so finding a reviewer for a collection of his letters is far easier!


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