Interview with… An Editorial Intern

Being an editorial assistant is one of the most popular entry level jobs in academic publishing. I spoke to Nina, who is an editorial intern for the Irish Studies Review, which is just one of the ways to becoming an editorial assistant.

How did you get your role at the ISR?
I was approached by the Assistant Editor Nic Presley, who works at my university. I had worked with her for a year during my first year at uni, and she asked if I would be interested in becoming an editorial assistant intern and working with her on the Irish Studies Review Journal – of course I said yes!

Can you tell me what a standard days work at ISR is?
A standard day working at ISR involved sorting the store cupboard, ha! This is always a running joke between us at ISR as the job wasn’t the most glamorous and involved wrestling with cobwebs and spiders. In all seriousness, we update the databases, email articles or pieces of work to be reviewed to authors or publishing houses, proofread articles, write copy and a thousand other things. No two days are the same, that’s for sure!

Did you have any skills already that have helped you in this role?
I’ve always pride myself on my organisational skills, and they certainly came in handy when working in this role! But other than that, just common sense and social skills, as emailing publishing houses and authors can be very daunting to an intern who has never had any experience in contacting genuine professionals before.

What advice would you give to a student looking to work in this area?
Always be willing to do the work, no matter how small or menial the tasks may appear. Hard work never goes unnoticed and always try your best. Skill can be taught, but enthusiasm can’t.

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